Monday, November 11, 2013

N.S.W. and the Gosford Junk Drop

Coffs Harbour

While I was in Coffs Harbour I had little time to enjoy the sunshine or collect trash for treasure. It rained here too. So I walked the streets, admired the trolleys filled with cardboard and contemplated the Big Banana. Suffice to say I didn't make it to the iconic phallic fruit, so I bought myself a banana for my lunch anyway.


After Coffs Harbour, I made it to Gosford where I stayed for a couple of weeks. But before I got settled in, I made a trip to Sydney to see if I could find some interesting junk there. It was pretty shit. Sydney city, is the worst place to sleep at night. I found accomodation for the second night as the rats and strange people following me, frankly, were freaking me out!


When I made it back to the Central Coast, I started collecting junk and put together another series of Flat packs which I set free on the last night I was there.

The Junk Adventure 2012-2013

Junk Adventure.

You can view the only two posts from my adventure HERE

When I was in Kingscliff in December, I started putting together my objects from the junk I collected (see the junk blog via the above link). I made a small series for a drop, but that night it rained cats and dogs, birds and frogs. 

It wasn't until my return on the 6th of January, that I was able to set my creations free upon the streets of Kingscliff.

Junk Drop from January

Junk Drop: Late January 2013

In Elizabeth street they were rebuilding the front of some shop. I think it is a coffee or chocolate shop now. But in January there was a wooden wall with a small alcove. I set up my junk inside it. My objects were left over from my 2012 series of Flat packs.