Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The great Brisbane river obsession

Last semester at Tafe, I became obsessed with the Brisbane river...

Collage on old map, lit from behind. 2012

Collage using Chinese lucky money. 2012

Collage using prepared paper (shellac & tar). 2012

Cartridge paper and bus map. 2012 (experimenting for final work below)

Water colour paper and eyelets.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exhibition proposal

Working titles and key words for my series of art works:

Garbage Phoenix. Rebirth. Shlop 'til you drop. Consumer jam. iMerz. Decycle. Throwdown hoedown.

Artist Statement:

I collect things because I like them and I make art with them based on the messages I read in them. I like to use materials that have had a purpose before I find them. I reinvent them, hopefully with more pride and wonder than they previously had. If I cannot create something new everyday, it's quite possible that I could become sane again. Ergo, the need to carry a note book everywhere. With each day and each work, I don't think too much about it, instead opting to paste, paint, cut, sew, hammer and nail with much vigor, investigation and experimenting. I also like to explore people's perception of art, what they expect art to be and how it appears to narrow the older they get.

Proposed Artwork description & installation requirements:

I would like to include a series of a dozen or more small (100mm-400mm) collage works in various sizes, created from found materials such as cardboard and wood. These pieces may or may not be hanging and or free standing on plinths.  This is something I will need to nut out in the coming weeks. In addition to these works I would like to include an installation piece, which explores creativity through doodling and people's perception of art. It will be a small enclosed space similar in size to some of the walk in pieces created previously in Stephen's Sculpture class. The space will include an interactive bookcase filled with sketchbooks made from envelopes. I hope that people will make their own marks within this space.

Concept images:
Collage, chair back, wood, newspaper, gouache.

Collage, Balsa, x-rays, screen print, packaging.

Kurt Scwitters, (1887-1948) Dada, Constructivism. created Merz.

 Richard Tuttle, (1941-) Postminimalist, small intimate works.

Collage, string, eyelets, cardboard, envelopes

Collage, cardboard, packaging, envelopes, paint

Books created using envelopes and mail packages

Collage book with interactive elements

Minimlaist sculpture using found cardboard, paint