Monday, November 11, 2013

N.S.W. and the Gosford Junk Drop

Coffs Harbour

While I was in Coffs Harbour I had little time to enjoy the sunshine or collect trash for treasure. It rained here too. So I walked the streets, admired the trolleys filled with cardboard and contemplated the Big Banana. Suffice to say I didn't make it to the iconic phallic fruit, so I bought myself a banana for my lunch anyway.


After Coffs Harbour, I made it to Gosford where I stayed for a couple of weeks. But before I got settled in, I made a trip to Sydney to see if I could find some interesting junk there. It was pretty shit. Sydney city, is the worst place to sleep at night. I found accomodation for the second night as the rats and strange people following me, frankly, were freaking me out!


When I made it back to the Central Coast, I started collecting junk and put together another series of Flat packs which I set free on the last night I was there.

The Junk Adventure 2012-2013

Junk Adventure.

You can view the only two posts from my adventure HERE

When I was in Kingscliff in December, I started putting together my objects from the junk I collected (see the junk blog via the above link). I made a small series for a drop, but that night it rained cats and dogs, birds and frogs. 

It wasn't until my return on the 6th of January, that I was able to set my creations free upon the streets of Kingscliff.

Junk Drop from January

Junk Drop: Late January 2013

In Elizabeth street they were rebuilding the front of some shop. I think it is a coffee or chocolate shop now. But in January there was a wooden wall with a small alcove. I set up my junk inside it. My objects were left over from my 2012 series of Flat packs.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small room In Situ

Small room. 

Medium – wood, found wood/cardboard, found objects lights and sound
“Jetsam” – discarded objects. I like the idea that one can create something from discarded objects that have been officially labelled as “no use”. The installation has evolved from an idea which was inspired by a German artist named Kurt Schwitters. Schwitters created art he called Merz, which came from the word Kommerz (commerce). After the German revolution, Schwitters found inspiration in the aftermath that surrounded him. "Everything had broken down…new things had to be made from fragments."
Mud map for exhibition.

Small room with studio space to the right.

Side view.
Originally the idea for this installation was just a room of about half this size. With a floor space of just two pallets. But after discussing some ideas with one of my teachers at Tafe, I sourced two more pallets from the garbage and doubled the floor space. I added another half size wall and rail section. The small studio space to the right was introduced because I couldn't get to my studio upstairs. I had tied up string from the ceiling and wall as to create a web so it was impossible to enter. As it was an integral part of building the installation, the desk stayed as part of the finished installation. During the entire time I was emersed in the installation, I played jazz from the 40's. This was also included in the exhibition as well my hat and waist coat that I hung up every day while I was working on the piece. 

Close up of corner section.

A view of the left hand wall.

Ruth and the "medicine cabinet".

Close up view of the back wall.

The left wall with telephone table and chair.
Inside the installation were my flatpack sculpture series. There were sculpture pieces from series 2, 3 & 4. I sold two of the sculptures from series 3. 

Close up of the book shelf and flat pack series sculptures.

Standing piece with swinging button.

Close up view of small studio desk.

Close up view of the rear wall.

Close up view of behind the left wall.

Behind the back wall, note the speakers: Glenn miller got a work out.

At the rear of the installation.