Thursday, November 08, 2012

Marcel Duchamp and Chiharu Shiota

Painting with string.

For my final assessment in Painting social contexts. I have chosen to throw out the paint and instead, paint with string inside my studio, ultimately rendering it useless. I wanted to make sure I could not use this area anymore, ending its practicality and therefore forcing me out of the nest.

Conceptual similarities with other artists throughout history -

Modern Art.

In a way it's very similar to what the Dada folks did - Anti-art. Taking something and making it useless. Marcel Duchamp was pretty good at this. Take for example his readymades, in particular his Bicycle wheel, which he stated as having "no purpose".

Marcel Duchamp and his Bicycle wheel. 1913

Bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even. The Large Glass. (1915-1923)

At this time WW1 had shocked the world awake. Not since medieval times had the anyone been subjected to such destruction. Dada was a reaction to this war, they rejected reason and logic. They made the usefull, useless. Infact the truth to dada is quite unclear, some believe it is a nonsensical word, better off in a book such as "The Hunting of the Snark" by Lewis Carroll.

Post Modern Art.

Chiharu Shiota is Japanese and lives in Germany. She is best known for her incredible web like installations. Using black and sometimes red threads she creates webs that cover entire rooms rendering the objects within unaccessible. In one installation she has covered the wall of a building with red webs that are connected to shoes.

Shiota's "House of imagination - concepts" - 2008

When Shiota was a child, a neighbours house had burned down. A piano remained amongst the ashes but had become dysfunctional. The haunting image has stayed with her and has been an influence on her work.

During Sleep - 2010

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