Monday, September 10, 2012

Inspiration in other places

I thought I'd share the things that I think are really cool. Some of these things inspire me or are very tasty, other things remind me how awesome life is and some of these things are real live people who really excite the crap out of me.

I went to a poetry slam at the Jam Jar in West End. It was heaps of fun and the folks there were full of jazz and all crazy. The lady at the bar suggested this beer in a bag, I was impressed and it sure tasted great, even if I don't even remember the name of it, yikes!

Old mate "Spooky Joe Knuckles" made this little rocket on a pin being shot out of the army guys bazooka. I added some "Boom" text and it looked pretty neat. The problem was this: everyone, including the lecturers, who visited my studio would comment on how cool the rocket was, and my art work was left sitting in the bleaches. "Um, yeah I didn't do that, but do you like this art?". Suffice to say, I threw the thing at the wall. Secretly, I thought it was pretty fucking ace too, shhh...

This is on the wall of an abandoned building right next to where I live in the city. I've been inside the yard, but I'm too chicken to go into the building, it looks safe but at night it is really creepy. I bet there are some amazing pieces of Street Art hidden inside.

I found this on the footpath one Saturday. It wasn't until I got home and actually took a good look at it, did I realise what a wonderful piece it was. Some young whipper snapper had quite the sense of humour.

Most people leave memos on paper.

The people next door are pretty cool, they left this note on my door after I left a
little message for them about my terrible and loud music.

Without coffee, I would surely sleep.

A selection of the nutty characters that inhabit the place where I study.

Under a house

I had the opportunity to visit underneath old Tom's place. Tom passed away recently, he was 95 years of age and the most remarkable man. He built things with pride and flew planes, he helped people and was very humble. Under his house was a collection of history, beauty and wonder. Objects all sorted with care, rusted tools placed on dusty shelves, wires of different kinds hanging on hooks. Pegs on coathangers, notes on tins. Small pieces of wood sorted into cardboard boxes. Everything had a place and they were all very important for some reason or another.