Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Installation progress (part 2)

The installation is now gathering momentum. I've tested my art and objects within the space and they look great. I've just doubled the floor space and will now move into the area for the remainder of my time at Southbank. I will update with photos of the extended floor space in the next post. Here are some photos from the last couple of weeks...

I have Nate working hard. He put in 5 screws and wants overtime. Sheesh! =0P

Early on I had used some ex students artwork and tin signs, but ended up
removing them due to copyright issues. ha!


Back of the installation.

Interesting shapes within the installation.

The installation all walled up with BB & XXXX removed.

Here is the medicine cabinet built from a small pallet and
below this is a book shelf, also built from a pallet. Insect displays
top left will display my prized jetsam.

The smaller wall with the jamjar light I made from found objects.
And below this is a shelf made from pallet off-cuts.

Close up of the jam jar light.

Me being awesome.

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