Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flotsam, jetsam, lagan & derelict

I had an epiphany on the weekend. It was slowly working its way to the top of the trash pile in my brain. The work I am currently doing is obviously all about junk. But it has to be true junk - jetsam. In that it has no life beyond what it once had. I save it from the bowels of obscurity, give it a new role and a little pride. Simple structures, tiny works that hopefully, wax whimsical with those who view them.

Yellow, Black sculptures. Painted cardboard with string and buttons.
Yellow, Black sculpture. Painted cardboard with string.
Various Yellow, Black work.
Collage with beer bag. Painted cardboard printed text and various paper.
Collage with painted cardboard and mosquito coil box.
Collage with pin tacks, painted cardboard and paperbag handles.
Red collage with painted cardboard and coffee cup outers.
Small piece using buttons, string and card from game board insert.

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