Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Black & White Circus closes down...

The Black and White Circus was an epic carnival that toured the world when times were very different from now. No one knows when it began or how, it is only known to be older than books - but younger than time.
Its acts varied from great feats of heroism on the hi-wire to the frightening and bizarre freaks that inhabited its sideshow alleys. The Black and White Circus was coming to a stand still as technology spread out its great wings and engulfed children all over the world with its television games and the like.

But there was one other event that sealed the circus’ fate.

One dark and stormy night the circus show was almost at its close. The last act still remained - Harry the Hi-flyer, the most terrifing trapeze act in the world. It was actually Harry who drew what little audiences the circus tempted. As he climbed to the top the storm outside raged even stronger. The wind whipped up and the tent - like a ship in a squall - swayed here and there. As Harry leapt from his swing to perform a triple backwards somersault, the crowd went silent and the drums came to a halt. At this very moment a loud crack of thunder could be heard across the skies and a bolt of lightning tore threw the top of the tent and struck Harry in mid-air. The crowd screamed and Harry was turned instantly to ash. The audience ran from the tent in horror.

The next day - after much pacing within the confines of his caravan – Ringmaster, Jimmy Trinket, held a meeting and declared that the circus would no longer operate. Everyone who worked for the circus was very close - like a great big family. Jimmy Trinket knew that it would be very hard for all of his family to find new jobs, as most of them had only known how to work in a circus. So he decided that he would find work for each and everyone of them.
You can find out what happened to many of them in the next few weeks. Be sure to come back and visit as more of the carny folk find new jobs.

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Kelly said...

Hi Jimmy Trinket, I'll be staying tuned for more installments! Keep up the good work!