Monday, November 05, 2012

Studio installation for painting class

I'm not exactly how I got it all ok'd but for my final assessment I've created an installation for my painting class. It's probably only just meeting the criteria but I've put a lot into it. The webs have engulfed my studio space, making it useless. At first I said it was a web for every lie that Campbell Newman pushed. But all of the thread in Brisbane would not have been enough for that scamp. I see it as an easy way to say goodbye, an exit from my studio because I cannot use it anymore. Thus shifting my energy downstairs to my installation for the exhibition. I could have taken the webs further but it was seriously getting out of control. The amount of trapeze work required to hang some of the webs was ridiculous. Several times as I shimmied between the wires I had the soundtrack to "mission impossible" running threough my head. And when I tippy toed on the ladder as the thing teetered, I decided it probably wasn't a good idea. It is now Monday and as I write this, I suddenly realised that my work for my assessment today is sitting at the back of my studio. I am able to reach it with some acrobatics skill. Nice work!

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